Airline always wish You Have a Nice Flight, but we never had one. We never know what can happen to us at an airport.
100% of ticket sales at the Premiere and the NoHo7 will go to
A portion of international sales will go to charities in each country
Jimmy said, “I think of charity almost every week.” “We should think of it every day,” Jennifer Howell corrected. Some of Jimmy’s friends and clients told him, “Jimmy, it’s your money. You should take your money back instead of giving it away.” Jimmy’s reply is, “Yes, it’s my money, which is why I can give it away easier than if it’s someone else’s money. As a businessman, I count every penny, but I don’t count how much I give to others who are in need.”  Jimmy learned from his brother Daniel Phu who once said, “It’s not the end of the world if one day I don’t have any money.  We came here to USA with empty hands without money, the money we have now is ours, but  I got it from others.”  Jimmy continues, “The more I help others, the greater love I receive. I feel happiness and I love my life more; giving becomes addicting.  I can make a joke that, yes, money buys me happiness, but in a good way. I’m thankful and grateful to God, Buddha and all of you who help me with these projects, eyelash jobs, and other things that I have allowed me to survive.”
Who are some of the people that Jimmy has met that inspire him by their charities and their abilities to change other peoples lives?
Jimmy’s family, Oparah Winfrey, Lynda Resnick, Carole Bayer Sager and Bob Daly, Stacey and Henry Winkler, Sarah and Garry Magness, Christine and Dr. Gabriel Chiu, Jennifer Howell, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, Lisa Heslov, Jeanne Kriser Pritzker, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Dr. Frank Ryan, Anita Mann Kohls, Carrie Ann Anaba, Kari Whitman, Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, Yolanda Hadid, Bui Simon, Jennifer Love Hewitt…

Charities Jimmy and Long Mi Lashes by Daniel Phu have been giving to: 


“Bonny Ponny” Founder Dr. Frank Ryan (2006-2009) and 2017 Tracey Yassini
Children Mending Hearts”  Founder by Lisa Heslov Since 2010
Foster Care Counts”  Founder by Jeanne Kriser Pritzker since 2013
The Art of Elysium, Heaven” Founder by Jennifer Howell Since 2017
Laura Jones Dunn Charity 2017
Share Inc”  President, Ellen Feder since 2017
1st time USA Charity for Alan Page Program, Nursing home and Phillips Community Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Viet Nam

Since 2001 yearly, Dr. John Belcher and his family with Jimmy come to give food, money, medicines and school supplies for seniors and students.